#bloganuary 31: Stars

Todays prompt is: ‘How do you feel when you look at the stars?’ I know this should prompt something inspirational or some joyous outpourings but the truth is often less wonderful than we… Continue reading

#bloganuary 30: Tree

Todays prompt is: ‘Describe yourself as a tree.’ Another interesting challenge to write about! Another one that’s about me and I find it difficult to write about myself. Let alone as a tree.… Continue reading

#bloganuary 29: Change The World

Todays prompt is: ‘How are you changing the world?’ I wish I would make a positive difference. I know by living a normal ‘First World’ life I’m making global warming infinitesimally worse by… Continue reading

#bloganuary 28: Playlist

Todays prompt is: ‘What is on your music playlist right now?’ This is a prompt I really don’t feel like writing about today. I’m just not feeling that creative this morning so this… Continue reading

#bloganuary 27: Solitude

Todays prompt is: ‘Where do you go when you need solitude?’ Right here and now. I’m sat here at the computer and I’m alone with my thoughts. The hustle and bustle hasn’t really… Continue reading

#bloganuary 26: What’s Good About Me?

Todays prompt is: ‘What is your favorite part about yourself?’ My first thought on this is nothing, I don’t know what to say! I wasn’t brought up to blow my own trumpet or… Continue reading

#bloganuary 25: Strength

Todays prompt is: ‘Write about something that makes you feel strong.’ Writing makes me feel stronger. Putting my thoughts out there gives them more power and more vitality in my mind. Knowing I… Continue reading

#bloganuary 24: Dream

Todays prompt is: ‘Write about a dream you remember.’ I don’t normally remember my dreams but if I do it will be based around University. I flunked Uni while suffering from depression and… Continue reading

#bloganuary 23: Interview

Todays prompt is: ‘Interview a fictional character.’ Hi! Welcome to the interview show. Thanks from taking some time out to talk to us. Tell us a little about yourself. Hi, So I work… Continue reading

#bloganuary 22: Favourite Quote

Todays prompt is: ‘What is your favourite quote and why?’ “If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.” I think this is something that can be applied to many situations. I’m not… Continue reading

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