So what am I going to write about?

Yes. I don’t know what to write about. But the point is just to learn to write more and to write better. Maybe I will become more interesting in the process. I have got the wordpress app so I can do this anywhere. I’m tapping away on my tablet now so learning to write on here might be a useful skill. If you can call it writing with no pen and no paper. It’s not even really typing as the keyboard is just an image. Shall we call it wordsmaking? Typenating? Text wot I made. Here are some words I put on a computer.

Just now I was making good on a another good habit I have been trying to form. Which is to read something useful as in non-fiction every day. Now I have 2 new things to fit in. So do I write first or read first? Maybe I should replace reading fiction with non fiction. After all reading fiction is enjoyable but does it make me a better person? Reading this book called ‘The Happiness Trap’ (I think the title is offputting and misleading BTW) which is about defusing unhelpful thoughts and feelings, hopefully will help me be a better person. Certainly useful to be comfortable living with your thoughts and feelings. I recommend it to anyone that ever struggles with inner thoughts and emotions. Which is everyone.

There we are . I wrote something. I wrote much more than I thought I would or could. Maybe something I write will help someone else. Maybe it will just help me.

Yes. Writing then.

The Happiness Trap