Jury Duty


So, it’s time to write again today. Unfortunately I have Jury Duty next week and that is weighing on my mind so that’s the words I want to write.

I’m not happy about it. I have done it before 5 years ago. ‘Duty done. I won’t have to do that again.’ I thought when it finished. A few weeks ago the letter came and it looked serious. Very serious. Not being aware of having committed any crimes I opened the letter from ‘HM Courts’ without too much worry. To find out that I am to be punished with the onerous duty of Jury Service for two weeks. My crimes? Not being a criminal or in the armed or medical services. Those are some of the reasons you can be excused. Oh and the crime of bothering to be on the Electoral Roll.

I thought I could get out of it as I have performed this service to society before. However it seems if you were spectacularly unlucky you could have to do it every two years. For life. I’m sure they must have changed that since last time.

Edit 30/4/13

The other thing about jury duty is they stress how important it is and how much responsibility it is. But not to the point of paying a decent amount of money for doing it. No more than £64.95 per day for the first 10 days. To be honest I feel like I should be being compensated as well as the other people working in the court room seeing as I will be making the most important decision. That would make it feel worthwhile. I’m sure there are reasons why the amount is low but I have no idea what they are.