Sub Focus – Endorphins

Today I want to talk about this new video by two artists I like, Sub Focus and Alex Clare.

Sub Focus started out as a drum and bass producer back in 2003. I really liked his self titled album from 2009 and I have listened to it many times. Endorphins is not drum and bass though. I’m not sure how to pigeonhole it.

Ales Clare is a singer songwriter who I first heard of when his single ‘Too Close’ first came out. You might have heard it featured in an advert for internet explorer He got to number 4 in the UK charts on the back of that. Incidentally according to Wikipedia Alex once dated Amy Winehouse. Pop fact of the day pop-pickers!

So the tune starts off with a slowly building beat and a recurring note before Alex kicks of the vocals. Nice gritty, sort of whiny, tone to his voice. Not whiny in a bad way. The music builds to a nice euphoric high, releasing some of those endorphins in you. All in all, nice work lads.

As for the video. Nicely made if a little dark in the theme. It made no correlation with the song to me at first but a youtube comment explains it that the men with guns are coming to enforce a law against anything that causes endorphins. Such as music, dancing etc. Not sure whose fantasy world features such laws but hey! Whatevs!

Wow. I made more words.