Mundane Day


Today is a day of waiting. My girlfriend suggested I write a blog about my mundane day.

It is an unusual day for me. Normally I work on a Friday but I have taken the day off as someone will be coming to change my electricity meter. I’m waiting for them. They are supposed to be here between 12:00 and 18:00. It’s unusual for strangers to come to my home. So I’m semi-anxious wondering what they will be like and what they might think of me and my humble home. It’s also nice to have visitors and offer them something to drink and be a little bit sociable. To ‘entertain’ is nice. They will just want to get on with the work.

The reason for the change. I have a ‘key’ meter or prepayment meter which means I have to go to specific shops to buy my electricity over the counter in advance. It also means I’ve been paying more than everyone else. It will be very nice, I think, when there is a normal meter and I can just pay through the bank. I will be able to shop around for the best price.

The old machine darkly sits in the bare cupboard. Like an ugly plastic octopus with it’s many wires coiling moodily in the corner. I have emptied the cupboard and now it looks odd to me as it has always been crammed full with all kinds of items. An ironing board, an iron, and old duvet, a bag of compost… all now spread across the bedroom like the remains of a life.

The monster meter waits, I imagine, to tangle with the person from the electric company. No doubt they will dispatch it quickly and painlessly and then it will be gone. No more will it wait in the gloom with it’s red and green lit eyes for me to come and feed it with a key and a receipt and a note of the numbers in those eyes.

I also wait keenly for the arrival of my girlfriend who will be visiting this weekend. She will light up my eyes and my thoughts. Her smile will energise me. For a few brief days then she will be gone again. We must make the most of the time we have.

So, waiting. And writing. Writing is unusual for me. Earlier I was doing mundane tasks. Clearing out the cupboard. Washing clothes. Cooking for tonight. Yeah an unusual mundane day.