Put a smile on it. A PROPER ONE.

Yesterday I asked my readers what I should do to find the happy and the answer is:

  • Put a smile on it. A PROPER ONE.: Yes
  • Go boil your head. With vinegar!: Yes

Seeing as I’m out of vinegar and I don’t have a pan big enough to fit my head in I think that one is out. Sorry for the false advertising.

However one smile coming up! *Grimaces* Hmmm not a proper one. Maybe I need help from Leo Babauta. He says you should ‘Smile in Each Moment’ and offers some help.

What do you have to smile about in this moment?

Some ideas:

  • You have someone in your life who cares about you.
  • There is beauty all around you, in many forms.
  • You are generous, compassionate, and good-hearted.
  • You have someone you can help.
  • You have eaten today.
  • You can move.
  • You can see the sun shining.
  • You can appreciate the leaves of a tree, rain falling, wind blowing.
  • You can taste chocolate.
  • You get to spend time with someone you love.
  • You have music in your life.
  • You get to create something.

That’s quite a good list. Worth smiling about. 🙂

I have someone that cares about me and I get to create these words on my very own blog. 🙂