Weekly Photo Challenge: Escaping… from work and life!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Escaping... from work and life!

Home Time!

This morning I was looking forward to escaping. From work. This is the door on my way out. I’m always glad to escape from work on Saturday.


Home desk.

Home desk.

What am I escaping from a desk with a computer to… Yes a desk with a computer! In a lot of ways my computer is an escape. The screen becomes a portal to other worlds, other realities. Usually more fun than real reality. Otherwise what is the point?


Escaping from real life!

Escaping from real life!

Often that ‘fun’ reality will be a game like Battlefield 3. How can men shooting other men in a simulated war be fun? Yeah maybe it does take itself much too seriously. Yes it is maybe not the best use of my time.




WordPress. Maybe wordpress is a good escape. Maybe I can learn to fly away on wings made of words. And pictures!