Bring the Happy

This is a project by a band I like, Hope and Social, and art group, Invisible Flock. It is a collection of happy memories recorded in spoken word, collected and set to music and song. You can listen here or download it for free. Or pay what you want. It is well worth checking out the other music by Hope and Social on bandcamp. I like them. And you can pay what you want for all of it.

Bring the Happy is an ongoing large scale project about happiness, at the heart of it is an attempt to map the moments and memories of happiness of the UK and beyond. We will be taking over empty shop units throughout the country and filling them with giant maps of our host cities. We will be asking you to come and visit us and leave us a moment or memory of happiness that has taken place anywhere in your city, telling us: what it was – where it took place – and how happy it made you on a scale of 1-10

I think we all agree that ‘Happy’ is a ‘Good Thing’. Even if we can’t bring it as much as we would like to. So this is a good project and I support it.

Download or buy the CD :