Smartphones can free us and manacle us.

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Mobile phone evolution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Smartphones? Better than science fiction.

A powerful computer, communicator and sometimes, friend that you can carry in your pocket. A compass and GPS so you need never be lost. Camera, torch, music player, video game system….. Look at all the apps that can make your phone do so many different things. Brilliant. Who would have thought we could do so much with such a small device?

Smartphones? The bane of modern civilisation.

We are forever chained to them. On demand to anyone 24 hours a day. You can’t turn them off for fear something important might happen. Constantly checking for new emails or anything new on facebook, twitter, whatsapp, istagram. Social networks that compel you to constantly connect. Try to get someone to do work or just to be social and you find them staring intently at their phone too absorbed to talk. Those candies on screen need to be crushed urgently, apparently. Or looking at a message is so urgent you ignore the person you are already talking to.

If it wasn’t for the mobile phone I would probably not have met my girlfriend and nor would we be able to stay in touch as much as we do. We email, text, call every day with our phones.

So, yes you need to have a balance. The modern, ‘smart’ mobile phone is a very useful tool but be careful not to get to engrossed in it all the time. When you’re talking to someone face to face put your phone away and only bring it back out if it’s really needed. Only check facebook, email etc once or twice a day. Look up from that little screen, see the world and smile at it.