Weekly Photo Challenge: Background.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Background.

The Challenge: Take a picture of yourself or someone else as a shadow, a reflection, or a lesser part of a scene, making the background, or — as in the example above — the foreground, the center of attention.

For this tricky challenge I took a photo of a fisherman on a bridge. He is small in the picture and toward the corner. The old stone bridge, the river and sky take over the scene and you hardly notice the man.



I took this other photo today with the river scene taking over the photo and my bike as the subject disappearing in the foreground.

HPIM1351 (2) edit

This one is a photo of an interesting cottage on the Isle of Wight with me smelling the lavender. I sort of disappear into the scene (sort of lol). I think it fits the challenge.

HPIM1347-edit and crop

Here I am looking up at a beautiful restoration-in-progress of an old house. I’m dwarfed by the pillars.