The start of my WordPress Journey

First of all big thanks to everyone that follows my blog, likes my posts or just reads my words. Words I did. On a computer. I’m surprised and pleased. Thank you for reading. I hope it’s interesting.


This is how the world of writing looked to me. A closed road. The bridge is down. There is much work to be done before you can even start.

About a month ago now I read an article, Why You Should Write Daily on the zenhabits blog.

So I gave it a try with pretty low expectations. I write a few words each day and no one reads it but me. Fine. Easy. Maybe after a few months I might get good at it. See what happens. I wrote a few words the very next day. It was pretty easy to pick a theme and just write a few words.

Then the question was ‘What do I write about?’. Every day. So I wrote about that question, more words by me. I was pleased. My girlfriend was very pleased. And I discovered the daily post with it’s daily prompts and tips. Very useful as well. I wrote about that. And about then was when someone except me and my friends read my musings. Which gave a little boost. I wondered what they thought of my attempts and I was inspired to try harder.

I kept writing every day. Next I tried a photo challenge and I got more attention. From a photo I didn’t take but was taken of me by my girlfriend. Around that time she called me a writer. I’m not a good writer or even a writer really but I do make words. I was pleased anyway.

From there it has grown and at some point I got my first like and my first follower. I didn’t know why or even expect it but it’s nice to know someone wants to read my words in their email. And they like what I write. I think of myself as an ordinary man and not that interesting but maybe…. I don’t know.

I came to a low point on my wordy journey the other day when I read a blog which was quite a graphic account of real violence. It was quite sickening but I thought fair enough, you wanted to get it ‘out there’. I made what I thought was a constructive comment suggesting a warning about the type of content. I got a less than pleasant reply. I felt unhappy that someone could take what I thought was a friendly bit of advice so badly. I replied with an apology. That person has had very bad things happen to them so I think they can be forgiven.

Around the same time I got the first negative comment on my blog. Not constructive or helpful, just negative. I approved it and then not trusting myself to reply in the right way I deleted it. Breathe, make room for the bad feeling, accept it and move on to something of value. I wrote about something else.

The next day I wrote again. Keeping on keeping on. I got more likes, more followers which always buoys me up.

I will continue to improve my writing and add to the style of my page and maybe grow as a person. Overall this has been a very positive journey for me so far and I hope to continue. The road ahead lies open, a shining corridor of opportunity.

Thanks WordPress for being there and thanks reader for reading.

A bright road ahead.

A bright road ahead.

27 April 2013 – ZERO

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