I’m titling this re-blog Game I Might Buy: The Swapper.

Good review and it made me want to try the game myself. The game sounds like it has interesting gameplay, ideas, art and story. I give it a buy and it’s only USD 11.24 which is about £7.40 at moment. Nice!

The Swapper

I don’t normally write about games – hell these days I struggle to even play that many of them – but I caught a preview and this one seemed worth playing. So play it I did over one rain-sodden Saturday and discovered that not only was my initial assumption correct and The Swapper worth playing but it was also, perhaps more importantly, a game worth discussing. What initially interested me was the fact that the game draws as much inspiration from movies as it does the more immersive medium: it’s instantly obvious from the intro movie that the creators are fans of 2001  (the eerie, epic score set against abstract shapes balleting through space), the core concept of gameplay evokes Moon (You constantly create, possess and dispose of clones as a means to an end) and, later on, something of Solaris (both versions) leaks through in the feelings and philosophy…

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