Zoning in or zoning out? Zen of Running?

Run of Zenning.

I’ve been running regularly for about eight years now. I started shambling along at the start for the sake of ‘health and fitness’ and the opposite of fatness. I was losing sight of my feet and even if I wanted to run 100 yards I couldn’t. So I ran a little and probably mostly waddled at first for about 20 or 30 minutes at a time. Was I in a zone when running? The knackered zone.

After exercising regularly for a few months it became much easier and actually enjoyable. I run rain, shine or freezing snow. And I did start to get in a good place while running. Your thoughts start to flow as the legs just do their thing, jogging for the whole 30 minutes.

Later I got a little mp3 player to add a soundtrack to my travels. Adding a beat made me run faster and further and my thoughts kept flowing, distracting me from any discomfort in my legs, just rolling along.

The zone or the flow of running. My legs doing the running and my mind just floating along in a thought cloud, going over the days events, post events and future plans. With my current favourite tunes in the back of my conscious. I’m not sure if that is in the ‘Zone’. It actually may be more ‘zoning out’ with my brain half asleep in a dreamlike sleep as the world and my movement just happen around me.

Then I got this book and I’m 60% through reading it on my tablet. Russ Harris has been teaching me how to ‘connect’ with my experiences. Which can be anything. So I try to connect while running. It starts with observing my breathings and controlling it. I listen to all the sounds around me, my feet pounding the ground, my music. I feel the air as I pass through it, the coldness of it. I try to really see things around me. I connect with the feelings in my body and it feels good. Am I more in the zone? I don’t know but I can feel it more.

The Happiness Trap (Based on ACT: A revolutionary mindfulness-based programme for overcoming stress, anxiety and depression)
Come on, let’s go for a run. Yes, right now.
Daily Prompt: The Zone