Magic Pills?

Pill tablet

Pill tablet (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

If I could get all the nutrition I need in a day with a pill, would I do it?

Well, yes it seems like an easy life. No stopping to eat all day after you’ve popped your pill, no cooking, no going to the supermarket, no washing up. Simple. Plus you would know that optimum nutrition was taken care of. Just like science fiction.

Practically though you have to think about what that pill might be like. Unless it was actually magical it would ludicrous. And magic is not real*.

*Unless it is, in which case, ping! I just turned you in to a frog!

I reality we eat 1kg or 2 pounds of food each day at least so that would be one big pill to swallow no matter how much you compress it and dehydrate it. Massive for a pill. A big pill of vitamin c, 1000mg, is quite hard to swallow as it is. In fact if you were to eat all the vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) you need in a day in currently available pills that would be a lot of big pills to eat each day. Not fun. As for macro nutrients you need at least 2000 Calories in a day which if it was the most energy dense fat would be 2000/9 (1g of fat has 9 Calories) = 222g. 200g would be one hell of a big pill, 200 times the normal size! Then swallow 50g of protein pills.

Then there is the problem of dehydration. We get most of our water from food so you would need to drink an additional litre of water each day. Add in the soluble fibre we need to that water which would make it like drinking wallpaper paste. So you swallow your pill each morning with a litre of gloup. Lovely.

Apart from the practicality though, I like eating lots of food. Wholesome, nutritious, tasty food. And I think my face might get slack without the exercise of chewing.

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