We watched: Star Trek Into Darkness

We like a bit of Star Trek, my muse and me. Any new Star Trek therefore has to be watched. This weekend was the soonest we could. She had provided some cinema vouchers as a gift to me. We sat in the cinema this Sunday expectant and excited like wide eyed children.

And off it went. Boom, Crash, BANG, wallop! Spaceships, explosions, impending doom. And then it was over and we cuddled and then walked out into the sunshine.

It was as bombastic as we have come to expect these days. We enjoyed it despite any dumbing down and yes there are plot holes you could drive a spaceship through but they are easy to overlook if you let yourself be taken along for the ride.

The characters are pethaps less idealistic, less philosophical, less likeable than before the reboot. They are also less cardboard cutouts and have more depth and more humanity.

Some say Dr Carol is reduced to mere eye candy and there is a gratuitous underwear scene but no doubt that is a sales technique to bring young males to watch. However she does play a valid part in the plot I think beyond her good looks. This sort of character has always been part of Star Trek and Sci-Fi.

I did think the unexpected change of a main character from a goodie to a baddie was poorly put. The reasons for his becoming an apparent sciopath with no morals or human compassion were not explained. Such a change needs more background. As it was it seemed unlikely at best. Men don’t become monsters overnight.

Overall we enjoyed it immensely. A good fun romp in space with many a nod to other sci-fi as well as with the rest of Star Trek. Good explosions, fisticuffs, spectacular effects etc. Very good.

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