Simplify by saying no to everything?


According to Leo Babauta, this month we should be saying no. Every day.

The Simplify Your Day Challenge in June

He says

The Simplify Your Day Challenge is to say “No” to one thing per day.
What kinds of things should you say “No” to? Well, not to the important stuff! Instead, say “No” to:
Commitments you can let go
Appointments that aren’t absolutely essential
Non-essential to-do items
Moving quickly
Doing smaller tasks instead of important tasks

It would be so nice to be able to say no to these things at work but I don’t think I can.

Writing every day is something proposed by Leo and it fits several of things to say no to! It’s a commitment I can let go, a distraction and a non essential to do item. Hmmmm, confusion.

He also wants me to pay 10 a month to join the sea change program that this is a part of. I’m saying no to that!

And I’m going to keep writing.