Mindfulness, Breathing and Emotions Exercise

I have been slowly working though Russ Harris’ book, The Happiness Trap. Very useful it is too. I downloaded some of his exercises on mp3 to try.

The first one was ‘Mindfulness of Breathing’. You focus on your breathing and yourself for 10 or 20 minutes. I found this very beneficial. It helps me feel, relaxed and aware of myself as well as more comfortable with me. I intend to practice this one regularly.

The second is ‘Mindfulness of Emotions’ which I did this morning after waking and before getting up. I’m not sure if that is really the best time but it worked. You focus on the feelings and breathe into them, make space around them and allow and accept they are there for up to 15 mins. If found I was more comfortable with my feelings and with myself as well as relaxed and alert. More mindful of myself and my surroundings.

Overall I would say they are well worth buying and I intend to keep using them. I hope to boost my happiness and self acceptance over time. All good.