Game I Played: More of the Same Fields of Battle

Battlefield 4 - Alpha

Battlefield 4 – Alpha (Photo credit: Javier Domínguez Ferreiro)

Yes I have been chosen to try out the Battlefield 4 Alpha. Permission to feel smug about playing a game before most people? Permission granted!


I can’t tell you anything about it though or post any screenshots. Nor can I say how much awesome it does or does not have. Never mind.

It is an alpha though and a ‘White Box’ one at that, meaning that most things have no textures and the game is not finished and likely to have bugs. Alpha versions of software are not normally given to the general public to play with. They are at pains to state that this does not represent the final game nor will the performance be representative. It also means the game is not yet fun to play really and you will enjoy playing Battlefield 3 more than playing this alpha.