Daily Prompt: Moment of Kindness on Fathers Day

Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.

The time that comes to mind would be last Sunday, Fathers Day. My gesture was to go and see my dad.

He was busy doing some work and saw me reversing into their drive. I went over to him and he asked me why I was there. I said ‘I thought I would come round and see you for a little while.’. I handed over the cheap supermarket card I had written a few nice words in like ‘Thanks for everything, I really mean that.’. He shook my hand, saying something about how thoughtful and nice I was and even pulled me in for a brief hug. I think he had forgotten what day it was. He sounded very touched by this simple gesture and we were both maybe a little bit emotional.

This was a rare moment of kindness between me and my father. We very rarely hug or anything like that and it makes me happy thinking of it.