What is the Observing Self?

Russ Harris says that the observing self does not change. Yet he is asking us to train the observing self, to be more mindful. Is that not change of the observing self? If we are training the mind to be mindful are changing that part? I think the idea is that we are training our ability to access that part of ourselves but the observing self remains the same. It is a strange thing to think about a part of your awareness that you have not been previously aware of. Strange and good. I think it is growth and improvement and I feel like my awareness is increasing. So I am increasing. The observing me is more of me I didn’t know I had. Free stuff! Well it’s not free, you have to work for it!

Time for another quote:

Excerpted from: In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness

Observation with self-awareness is the key to breaking through the veil of illusion created by the mind and dis-identifying from it. Usually, we don’t have much difficulty observing what is outside of ourselves, and occasionally may observe what is inside, but we rarely observe the one who is observing. Observation with self-awareness helps us see what’s inside and outside at the same time and remain a witness to both.

Who is the observing self? I am. I think therefore I am. I am aware of my thoughts therefore I am self aware. My body is me. My thoughts are me. My feelings are me. Me observing my body, thoughts and feelings and everything around me is also me. So the observing self is part of me. A part of me that can lie dormant as I go about my days like a robot. If I’m not aware of observing, if I’m not mindful, am I even really awake, living life? Maybe not. Maybe I should be!

What does the observing self do? Simply observe without judgement or measurement or analysis. What does it do for me? Allow my thoughts and feelings, even the bad ones, to come and go without becoming too wrapped up in them. Observe my thoughts without becoming wrapped up in them and bogged down. Then we can move on toward our chosen goals, me, myself and my observing self!