The stuff around my blog

The Theme, the Widgets, the Menus

A screenshot of the default WordPress theme.

A screenshot of the default WordPress theme. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Daily Prompt: Island of Misfit Posts

Todays idea is to write about something I don’t normally write about. I haven’t paid much thought to all the stuff around my blog, the Theme etc.. I’ll make a post about that.

A few weeks ago I changed my Theme to Twenty Eleven. Changing theme removed all the menus and sidebar widgets. I added some menus to the top but didn’t bother with side widgets. In fact I think I like the simplicity of no side widgets to distract from the work itself. Overall though it wasn’t really doing what I wanted. I removed the header image as I felt it overpowered the actual blog posts.

 I saw a blog that I like the layout of and it was using Triton Lite and I have changed to that one. I like the way it lays out the ‘front page’. I have added some widgets to a sidebar but I think it might be distracting. I moved them to the bottom but that looks messy now. Most blogs do have at least one sidebar so maybe I should follow that trend.

Looking at my stats the amount of views I’m getting per visitor has gone up hugely since changing to Triton Lite. That does suggest that people are liking the theme and my work.

What do you think?