No Mere Mortal

Daily Prompt: No Longer a Mere Mortal

You’ve imbibed a special potion that makes you immortal. Now that you’ve got forever, what changes will you make in your life? How will you live life differently, knowing you’ll always be around to be accountable for your actions?

Mana Potion!

Mana Potion! (Photo credit: Caio J Ruman)

What an interesting question! I would be in two or more minds about taking such a potion. Do I want to live forever? I would definitely want to share such a potion with the love of my life. My demand is to have enough for two so as not to see her die. What good is a long life of loneliness and heartbreak?

My friends and family as well. I would not want to watch generations of my family die and maybe my family line die out, outliving them all. Nor would I want to be trying to find new friends as mine succumb to age. So I would demand enough elixir for all of them as well.

My world will change very much in the span of my natural life so in the course of a very extended one it would change beyond recognition and maybe beyond my ability to fit in with it. My home as I knew it gone forever. That could be very sad. I don’t think I want this life.

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Would I live differently if I knew I would be accountable forever? I would like to think not. I think live a fairly blameless existence as it is.