We Watched: The Internship

Last week I got an email from Odeon cinemas offering a preview screening of ‘The Internship’ for a small amount of ‘Premier Points’. Sounds like a bargain I thought. So we decided to give it a go and went and watched it yesterday feeling lucky to get a sneaky preview!

This is a film/movie that should make you happy. A ‘Feelgood Movie’ (or film) with plenty of laughs if you like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and are susceptible to their charms. I thought they were on good, likable and funny form throughout and carried the plot and the supporting cast along with them.

Yes it is a big advert for Google and no it isn’t a marvel of cinematography. It is packed full of product placement of other brands as well as massive amounts of stuff about the big ‘G’ and their services. It’s a fantasy story about internship at ‘G’ so that’s to be expected. If you don’t like G and you hate adverts in you entertainment then this is not for you.

However we enjoyed it and most of the audience were laughing at the jokes, sometimes after checking with each other if it was OK to laugh! It might not seem so amusing if you watched it alone but them again it might just cheer you up.

Overall if you like the two lead actors, you like a ‘bro’mance and you don’t hate G them this film will make you smile.  We liked it. 🙂


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