Oceans of words


There are oceans of words out there to the horizon and beyond. More words than I could ever need to use. Wide waters of words wrapping our world.

Oceans of the world

Each word a meaning, an idea, a concept, a notion. Some fickle words sparkle with many meanings, much purpose. Other words more serious are rigid with singular solid meaning, practical purpose. On the surface bright words frolic in the fresh light of common use. Those more rarely seen lurk below, some to rise again, others to sink deeper in the gloom. All moving in currents and eddies of folly and fashion.

Semantic waves roam the surface, moved by winds of meaning. Roving from shore to shore, seeking prose to give them life.

row boat
I ply those oceans daunted by the vastness of words. So many I may never see or speak or hear. I row my boat, it’s hull, it’s oars made by sentences. I steer my course guided by values, seeking meaning. Shall I head for the shore and safety or drift in paragraph and verse?

Above me on the winds of reason I see birds soaring high on wings of words. See them wheel through thought and feeling seeking the food of meaning in the ocean below.

Words that move me to use them, meanings I can pass to you. As my words float on the surface the silvery fish and deep creatures of the depth of experience change them, morphing meaning, ever liquid.

Let us, swim, float, sail among the words of the world.

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