Mindfulness Can Make You Happier

This post is about a TV documentary; Horizon – The Truth About Personality. Michael Mosley explores the latest science about how our personalities are created and whether they can be changed.


I watched a very informative episode of Horizon on the BBC. It shows two ways you could change yourself for the happier. Or at least it shows two things that Michael Mosley did which seemed to change his personality toward optimism. There is some science behind it and they do tests on Mr Mosley that seem to prove it alongside anecdotal evidence that he is happier at the end of seven weeks.

Here is the BBC Horizon page but you can’t watch the documentary there any more: BBC Two – Horizon, 2012-2013, The Truth About Personality

You can watch it via youtube here:

or here:

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One of the things is practising mindfulness meditation every day for ten minutes. I have being doing this myself and it is nice to see some science to back up it’s effectiveness. Russ Harris has some great books on mindfulness, one of which I’ve been reading. I recommend it highly. The Happiness Trap: Stop Struggling, Start Living

I also found a free mp3 by Beth Burgess to guide you in 6 minutes of mindfulness meditation. I find mindfulness meditation much easier to do when guided by a voice recording. I found her tone relaxing and I did feel relaxed and alert after the meditation. I recommend trying it every day, maybe soon after you wake up. After all there is science that says it works. Here is the link: http://smyls.co.uk/index.php/mp3-shop/product/2-6-minute-mindfulness-of-breathing

The other technique involved simply finding the happy faces for a few minutes each day.

I found the website of the makers of the find the happy face game: http://www.mindhabits.com

find the happy

Here are the apple and android versions of the ‘find the happy’ app. I do this on my phone every day. It’s quick enough to do any time you need a boost. It makes me happy. http://www.mindhabits.com/mobileapps.php

I found an article on this here: http://www.economist.com/node/18276234?story_id=18276234

I found the website on Cognitive Bias Modification: http://cognitivebiasmodification.com

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