Savouring Flavour: Cherries


I’m eating cherries and sipping cherry and cinnamon tea. I’m not just doing it, I’m doing it mindfully. Savouring the flavouring.

Breathe in. The cherry smells of leaves with a slight pungency. A green smell which belies it’s maroon colour. The skin shines darkly in the sunlight as I observe it’s form. I bite through the tender skin and the juice explodes on my tongue like nectar. The delicate pulp melts between my teeth leaving a syrupy aftertaste.

Now I lift my mug and take in the sweet steam. A strong, aromatic noseful of cherry with a subtle, warm backing vocal from the cinnamon. I drink the hot tea, the tart yet silky taste wrapping my tongue and the warmth filling my senses.

D e l i c i o u s. Delightful.

I’m going to have another mug of that.

Mindfulness can make you happy(er).