Golden Morning Glow

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

“For this challenge, we want you to go out and snap a photograph, wherever you may be, during this Golden Hour — and pay attention to the natural light around you.”


I always enjoy the morning light, my morning sun, particularly on the water. Inspired by this photo challenge I went out early with my phone to try and capture some of that special light. It was fairly humid first thing so the light was not as lovely as it can be but soon the sun had some strength as it rose over the trees and out of the haze.


And there it is. The orange light making long shadows in the car park.


I have always enjoyed the changing light on this tree in the car park, specially at sunset and sunrise. Sadly it is being killed by something. I suspect a fungus, Chalara the ash dieback. Such a shame as it is or was a beautiful tree.

A short walk to the park by the water.

There we have it. The first decent photo of the hour. This old crane once was used to load ships that docked up here. The dock was made into a park and donated to the public a few years ago. I like the way the yellow painted metal is lit up by the golden sunlight. Do you like it?

I thought this old piece of industrial hardware looked good in this light so I took a few.

I tried to capture the lovely morning light on the water and the modern cranes as they load or unload a large container ship. A good contrast?

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I hope these photos convey some shimmering of the light on the water. They could be uninteresting as there is no real subject just the light, the water and the reflections, like a giant reflecting pool. What do you think?

I saw a swan in the morning light. I like the v-shaped wake as it swims against the current.

I walked to a spot the amongst the bridges and took some low down shots of the water. I liked this one of the water under the bridge and the diffuse light.

This closeup of the rapids portrays some of the magic of the light on the water under the bridges.

Finally a photo of water, an old bridge with the golden glow. I’m quite pleased with it. Does it work for you?

Thanks for visting. Which photo do you like best? Did I overdo the colour saturation or would more be better? Please let me know what you think in the comments below. 🙂

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