Weekly Writing Challenge: Email Informality

Weekly Writing Challenge: Mind the Gap


Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I would like to write to you about my approach to email greetings. This is in response to the WordPress Challenge called ‘Mind the Gap’. Some would maybe like a return to the formality of the past when writing to someone could take hours and days before the message was received. There was time then to consider carefully the greeting and take care to get it right and make the right impression. Something can be said for doing things that way. If you have the time.

Yours very truly,

Jake Kuyser

Hi Readers,

Mostly with personal and work email I go the modern way of a simple ‘Hi’. It’s simple and seems to be normal practice. More friendly than just starting with the name and no greeting at all. In modern times a message is sent and received in seconds, minutes and time is of the essence when you have 100 messages to deal with. I still take the trouble to be friendly and polite if I can. Sometimes a friendly ‘Good Morning’ is OK if you know they will be reading in the morning. If it’s an ongoing conversation I will dispense with the greeting, starting with a pleasant ‘Thanks for the…’. To sign off, some kind of regards seems to be the norm at the end in business so that’s what I do.

Kind regards, Jake