Blogger or Brand?: Extending Your Online Identity

My name is my brand. When I started my blog here I had no real direction and I just put in my name. My subjects are still fairly varied and random. I can’t think of a better identity, name or brand. At least it is uniquely mine. Does the name of my blog work for you? Any ideas you can share?

The Daily Post

Some of us have purely personal sites where we discuss the day-to-day, while others are trying to create an online presence around our blogs or use them as a springboard for other projects. If you’re in the latter camp, you’re not just a blogger: you’re a brand.

You may never be Coca-Cola or Apple, but you can still be a brand (and use branding to grow your blog). Today, we’ll start to look at branding your blog — what it is, why you’d want to do it, and the key elements for getting started. Time to become a household name!

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