Making Conversation: How to Think Up Good Comments

I like to write a comment if I read something that has meaning or is useful to me. Even if it’s just to say thanks for the useful post. I think I comment quite a bit. The problem is time. It can take as long to write a good comment as it can to write a quick post and I sometimes only just have time to write my daily post. So more comments means less reading of posts. That’s about finding a balance for me. I like to read comments, most of all on my own posts of course. My girlfriend Emma is very supportive and sometimes my only commenter. Anyway thanks for reading my posts and thanks for any comments!

The Daily Post

Here on The Daily Post, we’re always advising you to build blog relationships by leaving substantive comments on other people’s posts. That’s easy enough to say, but how do you think of more to say than “Great post!” when all you can think to say is, well, “Great post!”

I often have trouble coming up with things to say — both in blog commenting sections and at parties. Here are some questions I ask myself when I want to leave a comment on a post but find I’m at a loss for words: 

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