Morrisons Vegetable Lasagne Review

I ate a ready meal.


I don’t know why I bought it. Well I do. It caught my eye as I was buying frozen vegetables. It caught my eye and winked at me like a little food hussy. Look at me with my healthy vegetables. It’s tarty sleeve looks very appealing, revealing just enough cheesy goodness. ‘I’ll be really easy to prepare’. £1.50 seems cheap. On inspection though it was only 400 Calories so I need two to get an 800 Calorie meal. Not so cheap then. For some reason, according to the TV, lasagne is the most popular ready meal so I should find out what everyone loves.

When I decided to heat up and eat them I didn’t much fancy cooking and eating from plastic so I released them from all the funny smelling plastic and put them on a big plate for 18 microwave minutes (twice the stated 9 as I’m cooking twice the amount). At the end of that the stuff had all turned to liquid and some of the ‘vegetables’ had spilled over making me clean the microwave. Not so convenient.

The appearance of the actual product, as you can see, is nothing like the picture on the sleeve. To be expected I suppose but I wasn’t expecting a plate of tomato soup with cheese on it. There were only 3 layers of lasagne hence some of the lack of substance. I found a slice of aubergine and a few small pieces of tomato and other unknown vegetables but really not much. So it’s mostly tomato sauce. Awesome. Time to tuck in.

As for the taste. Well it’s very salty  for my taste, lots of sodium and I can tell there is plenty of sugar. The sauce has the taste of a mild ketchup and the topping is plastic tasting processed cheese. The vegetables and pasta I couldn’t really taste but the aubergine slice did have some texture. No spinach to be found which is something I would hope to find lots of in a lasagne, particularly a vegetable one.

I assume all such lasagne tastes very similar and the nation slurps it down by the million. Although that is probably the meat version. Which used to be horse meat until they got found out. I can’t see much merit in it. It certainly didn’t tickle my tastebuds in a good way. It was at least reasonably filling (I ate two) and perfectly edible even if I’m in no hurry to repeat the experience.