Find the Happy App

find the happy face

I watched a TV program where it was demonstrated that playing a simple game involving finding the one happy face out of a screen of faces can make you more happy and more optimistic. It showed that it worked for Michael Mosley when used alongside 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation each day for seven weeks. There is some science behind a video game that can make you happier.

Here is a shot from the TV of Michael Mosley playing the game on a mac. Looks easy and fun. I wrote about it here:

find the happy

I went out to find this game and there is one made by mindhabits. There is also an Android app and I have been using it every day alongside mindfulness. It’s simple and it works. I play it for a few minutes every day and tapping the happy faces makes me happy. I recommend it. Really. Try it.


Buy the PC/Mac app on Amazon:

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