Laki Mera – Turn All Memory to White Noise – My Review

I bought and listened to, Laki Mera’s new album Turn All Memory to White Noise.


I posted about this a while ago and now it’s here I really like it.

My Review:

This is gentle folky electronica. Relaxing and engaging.

It starts quietly with electronic noise and then a staccato snare drum before her sweet child like vocals start. More electronics and then a subtle melody and a lightly throbbing bass line. Overall a nicely blended mix with an unusual feel. That was track 1, ‘Come Alone’.

‘Sweet Warm Dance’ is a more conventional song spiced with electronics. The tune is sweet, warm and laid back as she skips through the lyrics.

Next is bright slice of sugary lightness. ‘Red Streak-Cut Sky’ I’m guessing describes a sunset.

‘Seraphine’ is six, more measured, musical minutes. Quite a sparse mix with few instruments at a time to accompany the voice and few words. Even a little clapping. Simple and yes delightfully dreamy as I close my eyes and listen.

‘All I Have’ is more electronic and more rhythmically driven. The electronics counter the bright sweetness of her words.

‘Winter (There is Light)’ is more folksy with guitar and strings but added synthesiser and a marching beat. This one gives me a lovely soundscape between my ears with my eyes shut.

‘Go On’ Is a downtempo soundscape. A more measured song, well layered with different types of sound, sung in lower tones.

‘Red Eyes’ Is very Laki Mera, more reminiscent of their previous album ‘The Proximity Effect’. A soothing warm sound with a driving bass line. Topped off with some slightly mournful lyrics.

‘Memory’ is 102 instrumental seconds of eerie but delicate sound.

‘Leave a Burn’ launches straight with that sweet voice and minimal backing. Again quite downtempo. Poetic.

‘Beaufort’ has guitar and scrunchy sounds describing quite a bleak but interesting landscape.

‘In the Tunnel’ is more upbeat, electronic. Almost poppy. I like the eclectic mix of sounds. Later it builds to a darker and more meaningful level.

‘Keep me Safe’ is more traditional sounding with guitar, strings, percussion and vocals. Lovely, sweet and nourishing.

And then it’s over. I really enjoyed wrapping my head around their sounds and writing about it. This is now one of my favourite albums for a good mindful listen on the sofa or anywhere. Wonderful.

You can buy it now: Turn All Memory to White Noise
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