Free Mindfulness Meditation mp3


Science on TV has demonstrated that daily mindfulness meditation can make you a more optimistic, happy person. . Having seen that you might wonder how to do this mindfulness. It’s not difficult. Here’s how.

You can practice mindfulness on your own in silence by just closing your eyes and paying attention to your breath but it’s hard to know how long you have been meditating and it’s easy to end up just daydreaming. You could go to group meditation which will take up lots of time. The easiest way to learn and do mindfulness is by listening to guided recordings. It’s easy to do in as little as 3 minutes and very relaxing. You just need somewhere to sit or lie and something to play an mp3 on. I either lie on the bed with my phone, sit at a computer or anywhere I can sit. On speaker or headphones. It’s simple.

To help I have found several places with free mp3 downloads (some are wma). I have downloaded and tried quite a few of them and they are all good. 🙂

Beth Burgess. She has a pleasant English voice.

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. A cool American voice:

A big collection of free mindfulness:

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