3 Reasons to Not Hold A Grudge

I’m re-blogging this post from Everyday Power. I’ve held far too many grudges in life. It’s probably better just to let go of them. Forgive and forget!

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How to Stop Negative Thoughts and Grudges

We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt that someone has wronged us, slandered us, tricked us, lied to us, cheated us and so on. We’ve all held grudges. We’ve all rationalized it. We’ve all held on to it.

Here is how to stop negative thoughts and grudges:

1. It takes more energy than letting it go. In order to hold a grudge you have to constantly run a negative experience through your mind over and over again, especially when and if you see the person – what they’ve done, what they should of done and how they did it. When you see them, you even replay it more vividly than before! THAT’S A LOT OF WORK! What are you getting out of it? Do you think you’re teaching them a lesson? Life is too short to waste any energy on holding…

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