To My Knees

Dear knees,

You have supported me for so many years and I might have taken you for granted. All the time you have been the silent, strong centre of my legs, my pillars of strength. Thank you.


About eight years ago I was a smoker. I ate lots of biscuits as well as other snacks and I did no exercise to speak of. My feet were disappearing from view below my belly. I was getting overweight. You, my knees, were there under-appreciated and underused. I decided to do something about this situation. I went out for a run which ended up mostly a walk. You did admirably, letting my legs bend and straighten without complaint but my muscles had grown weak and I could only run for a few yards before giving up and walking instead. So I would run a little then walk until I could run a little more and repeat for about 20 minutes.

I kept this up along with cycling. Cycling at first was pathetic also. I got my bike out for the first time in many years, having pumped the tyres up and made sure the wheels could actually turn. I didn’t make it to the end of my short close of a road. This was partly because the tyres went flat almost immediately but mostly due to my ineffectual thighs. You did well though knees, I might add, no problems.

After a few months I could mostly run with a little walking for about 30 minutes of exercise.  I kept on several times every week in wind, sun, rain, frost or even snow. A year later and I could run continuously, easily. It became enjoyable. I got an mp3 player, which seems to make me run further and faster, driven by rhythm. I treated you to some proper running shoes from the running shop to help protect you from the hammering of my feet.

Only now, after all these years of under-appreciated work, have you started to complain. ‘Feel some pain’, you tell me when I sit with my legs bent. More pain when I climb stairs. ‘Pain? But why? what is wrong knees?’ I thought. What did I do to you? Apart from all the running that is. I decided to replace running with cycling to help you rest and repair. Nothing changed. I wish you could just tell me what’s hurting you. Every time I have to crouch to pick something up, oh how you burn when I stand back up. I tried to rest you for a couple of weeks completely but it didn’t seem to help you either. What am I to do knees?

So it became time to consult the mighty internet. It seems my IT bands are too tight and they pull your close companions, my kneecaps in the wrong way. I must massage them and loosen them to make you happy again. I know IT band sounds like a group of musicians but apparently I have one in each leg, singing away.


I hope that once I have put this little misunderstanding right we can become happy again. Then we can run and cycle and maybe do leg presses in the gym without guilt.

I need you and love you my knees and I hope we can be happy again together for a long time. I promise to keep eating the good foods with plenty of the omega three fishy oils I know you like.

With loving regards,

The rest of me.

This is for this weeks Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write