Mind Blown: Sustainability isn’t sustainable

I’m re-blogging this post on an important subject. Sustainability or how unsustainable our planet really is. I just don’t think many people realise what is happening to our planet with the sheer amount of humans on it and the way we live. And we keep making more humans all the time and to many the thought of any kind of population control seems unthinkable. I don’t know the answer. There is no answer. We will simply consume and overpopulate ourselves into a worse and worse situation. Bit bleak eh? Yep best not to think about it too much!

Polyprotic Amory

My categories and tags on this blog are extremely disorganized, but I’ve decided to add a new “feature,” under the category of “Mind Blown.” Every now and then, we hear a fact that is so mind-blowing that we sit and think about it over and over again. And no matter how many times we think about this fact, it doesn’t get any less shocking.

I had a fact that I learned today about how atoms are mostly empty space, but I feel like I should domoreresearch before I actually make an entire blog post about it.

But here is my fact for today.

There is a tumblr user by the name of infinity-looper who created this post. The text of the post is posted below:

Something to think about:

The Earth is 4.6 billion years old. Let’s scale that to 46 years.
We have been here for…

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