Game I’m Playing: Real Racing 3


A friend told me about this game on Android and Apple phones called Real Racing 3. It has good looking graphics, features the Silverstone and Spa tracks and it’s free so I was sold. It is a 1.2GB download though but that went quickly enough.


And it is a good game and fiendishly addictive. Being a ‘Freemium’ game of course the game pushes you towards paying real money for upgrades and better cars. I don’t plan to spend real money on it as I’m enjoying it as it is. The learning curve is good. It starts off very easy at the start with full driver assists including steering so you just tilt your phone to steer. You can add difficulty by turning off the assists as you get better and go faster. The game runs well on my Nexus 4, looks good and doesn’t crash my phone.

Another feature is that you can add your Facebook friends, race them in the game and then spam on Facebook about it for fun and profit. It does add a nice level of competition. And spamming. Lol.

RR3 facebook



All in all, good. Don’t get it though as it’s too addictive.