Cute New Mammal Discovered Only to be Driven to Extinction?

The Guardian says: The olinguito isn’t new – it was with us all along. Let’s hope it stays that way

The olinguito

A new species has been discovered which is no big deal. It happens to be a cute mammal species though which has got the world media’s interest. It is also ‘the first new carnivore to be discovered in the western hemisphere for 35 years’, which makes it interesting. It turns out that it has been known to man but we thought it was another, already known species. So it’s an interesting story.

The article points out that this cute species could already be on the road to extinction just like so many countless other species. The cute ones are the ones we like to drive to extinction in the wild and then breed them in captivity for a few decades before re-introducing them into the wild.

It wouldn’t affect me personally if the little known olinguito was to go extinct. It would be a shame though and a result of the uncontrolled population explosion of us and our desires to exploit the resources of our world with our unsustainable lifestyles.