Lovely Evening

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

“Share a panorama or landscape in sharp focus, in which you can see details far away.”


The other day I cycled down to the tide mill and looked at the sun on the water. It was a lovely summer’s evening with sunshine but not too hot. There are benches by the river and the sun on the rippling water was lovely there. Very peaceful, like a reflecting pool. I thought to myself ‘This would be a good place to meditate’. Then I carried along the path to a point with a view where I took a couple of photos with my phone and took in the scene.


I carried on along to the footbridge where I did practice some mindful meditation in the sun for a few minutes. I let myself become more aware of the sounds, smells and sights around me. Then I went on more aware. I noticed the soothing rustling ‘rssss rsss’ of the reeds and it was good. I drank in the air and it tasted sweet. All was OK in the world.