Short Story: Freshly minted.

The smell of greed to Jim meant the smell of freshly minted twenties. He knew it was the smell of his own desire for the stuff as he drove the security van full of it. It felt good. He looked forward to becoming minted, loaded himself.

He knew that five of his new friends would be waiting for them under the bridge where they would have temporarily blinded the security cameras. He hoped they were properly prepared. He was ready with the device that would put himself and his guard to sleep leaving no memory of what had happened. They had told him no-one would be hurt and it really was a victimless crime as his company had so much money anyway. In a few weeks he would find he had suddenly come into a large sum of money and a new life in another country.

If they were true to their word. If not he would never know where the money or his new friends had gone. It was worth the risk for the chance to be lazy and rich. He drove under the bridge, activated the device in his pocket and felt it dissolve in his hand. His partner looked like he was already out. ‘Sorry Stan.’

Jim woke in a hospital bed. He had no idea why he was there.