Thank you to all my followers for helping inspire me to keep writing whatever every day. I wasn’t expecting to get many readers and I like to think I would keep writing anyway. But having readers does give me a boost so thank you all for that.

I do think I am learning things by doing this so this blog is useful to me. I find the whole process interesting as well. I interact with my computer and it with WordPress which produces a blog which might not be quite what I sat down to write or I might have sat here with no ideas at all. Then readers see it and form an idea if it is worth looking at. On clicking in you have read this and are forming your own thoughts and ideas which might make you want to write or do something or plan to do it later. A process that is different for everyone.

I hope my writing and pictures have been interesting or have helped in some way and I hope to keep being helpful and interesting.


Thanks to my newest readers:

Once again, big thanks to everyone for reading. 🙂