The Insect and the Man.


The evening was hot and humid. The man sat in his living room feeling the heat. His clothes had become damp and uncomfortable and he had taken some off but he was still too warm. Now the only thing was to open a window and let in some cool air.


The insect had risen from the water earlier in the day. She was hungry and the eggs in her abdomen were ready to grow. She had risen and fallen and swirled with the air, somehow managing in her flight to avoid being a meal for a hungry bird. The birds seeking to feed their young with a tasty insect. Now the wind was still. The insect could smell food on the air and she circled higher, following through the still evening air.


The man sat watching TV and enjoying the cool breeze. He felt comfortable and safe in his home.


The insect entered a bright noisy environment. The danger was obvious but the carbon dioxide smell of mammals was strong. She found the warmth and moisture and crawled carefully, stealthily through the hairs. Finding the warm skin she bit, drinking the hot food. After resting she attacked again, then again until she was nearly crushed by her unwilling host. She flew off to rest and grow her eggs.


The man was largely unaware of the attack. The next day he found himself with several itchy red lumps. Then he knew he had been bested by a few grams of insect.