Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I’m honoured to have been nominated for an award on the internet. I haven’t been selected by a panel or anything but it’s still nice. 🙂


1. Display the Award Certificate on your blog

Here it is:
very inspiring blogger award

2. Announce your win with a post and thank the blogger who nominated you.

This is that post. Thank you very much Rakhi for the Very Inspiring Blogger nomination. 🙂

3. Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award.
4. Link your nominees in the post and let them know about their nomination with a comment.

I don’t have 15 but I find these six people inspiring:

Flash! Friday has inspired me to write some very short stories which is fun:

Roamin Twin posts interesting things about being happy:

Charlotte Hoather is more of a Very Inspiring Singer:

Crystal says very interesting things about religion:

Caroliena Cabada is an inspiring blogger:

Carrie Cuinn is a Very Inspiring Witer:

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Really. Seven whole interesting things about me? This needs some thought…. OK I asked my girlfriend and she says these things:

  1. I’m funny. She says I have a killer line in killer one liners.
  2. Introvert. Yes I don’t mind my own company and sometimes socialising seems like hard work. I’m working on it. Which is also hard work.
  3. Procrastinates about procrastination. Yep.
  4. Adores girlfriend. I absolutely do love her. Lots and lots and lots and lots.
  5. Loves outdoors. I do like the outdoors and I suppose I am outdoorsy for an introverted geeky bloke!
  6. Sweet tooth. Yep. I could eat a whole jar of jam or honey. With a spoon. Sugar is horribly addictive and I’m cutting right down on it for the sake of my teeth, my health and my shape.
  7. Practical mind. I do have a practical way of looking at things. I see it as common sense.

Now I’m of to comment on those six blogs. Will they appreciate my nomination? I did nothing to check if they were nominated before!