Liathara of Woodley (short)

Inspired by Flash! Friday # 40


Bridge girl. Photo by Scott Liddell.

The girl walked fearfully across the bridge, keeping the tears in. There was no turning back. She had said her good-byes and there had been tears.

Walking the path, she said to herself “I am Liathara of Woodley and I feel no fear.”

She came to Dragonwood clearing. The villagers left fine gifts to keep the Dragon happy and the people safe. It had been made known that the brightest, strongest virgin would be required as a gift and Liathara had the honour of being chosen. For the safety of her sisters, her family and her people. She knew she had to be strong.

Tremulously “I am Liathara of Woodley and I feel no fear.”

A few steps into the clearing.

“I am Liathara of Woodley and I feel no fear.”


There was a quiet voice: “Shhh. You might wake the monster.”

Liathara closed her eyes. “I am Liathara of Woodley and I am here for the dragon. Please make it quick.”

“You sound fierce enough to kill a dragon even at your size.”

Footsteps as something or someone came into the clearing. “You are ready to face death for the sake of the village and you are pure in body and mind?”


“Then you will do. Open your eyes.”

She did and there was a woman in a fine blue dress standing there.

“Come closer so I can see you better.”

The woman’s hair was long and white and her face showed many years.

“You will be my apprentice. I’m going to teach you how to become the dragon and protect the people like I have all these years.”

Liathara stood there in disbelief, her world shaken.

“Come with me. My time is nearly over so you must learn quickly.”