Bad Writing Advice

This is an interesting post. I’ve formed a new habit of writing every day and I feel compelled to do it even if it is just a re-blog like this one. I think it is opening new doors in my mind. For example I have written things I never would, such as stories, even if they are very short ones. I have been discovering that writing a story can be more enjoyable and involving than reading one. I like writing every day. I just wish I was always up early enough in the morning. I’m working on that. 🙂

Julianne Q Johnson

Like all professions, and especially in the arts, when you participate there is always a plethora of people and even masters of creation who have loads of advice to give the uninitiated.

Veritable loads of advice.  Some of it useful, some of it heard so often it sounds like a rule, some of it completely wrong.

There is no shortage of advice for writers.  There are well known truisms that, on closer inspection, are all wrong, or all wrong for you.  I’m here to tell you that’s ok.  You don’t have to follow specific bits of wisdom in order to be a good writer.  In fact, there’s some I recommend you ignore from time to time, or even completely.

1-   Write Everyday!  If you want to be a “real” writer, you must write every day!  How can you hone your craft if you don’t flex those writing muscles in a…

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