Needing Inspiration


I’m sitting here and I want to write but I find myself lacking a creative feeling. So I’m writing about my lack of things to write about. Of course there are lots of things I could write about but I’m not feeling it. Why is that?

  1. I’m tired. I had to do some work late last night and then I didn’t feel like going straight to bed so I only got seven hours. Seven hours? That’s not bad! Yep but not enough to feel fresh and intelligent. Plus I’ve only had eight hours on a few nights over the past few weeks. No particular reason, just lacking discipline. Of course being a little tired can rob you of self discipline which makes it self-perpetuating. But you can still be creative when tired. Of course you can! Anyway I’m run down.
  2. Perhaps life is not throwing inspiration my way. Does it ever? Ideas come from inside my head so why would I need inspiration from outside? That’s what imagination is for. Or maybe it’s both external and internal. Philosophy eh?
  3. Not enough time. I used to write in the morning but I’m not up early lately. See point 1. Plus I’m watching more TV. So I feel like there isn’t much time for writing. I feel rushed. There is of course plenty of time. I just have to make time.
  4. Distraction. TV again. And every other type of entertainment. It’s so easy to do the other fun things.

I want to keep up with the writing and I will. I’ll even try to make it good and interesting. 🙂