Religion and Science

Robin Ince has been having a bit of a rant about religion and science. You can read it here:

He gets a bit upset about how some of his thoughts about ‘science’ have been compared to ‘religion’. They are different but not that different. Both have collections of ‘rules’, ‘theories’ and both depend on observations of the world. Religion and science both attempt to explain how our world works and define it’s rules. Some religions claim to be the absolute truth. Scientists know that scientific theories are only our best approximation and expects its models to be improved on in the future.

I don’t see why religion and science have to be mutually exclusive. Science may disagree with some of the writings in religious texts but humans have learned much since those ancient texts were written. That doesn’t mean that all of science and all scientists are against everything about every religion. Neither should people with a faith spurn all of science.

However, what some many religions teach about treating your fellow people fairly and kindly in are still valid for everyone. Some religions seem to be more a set of guidelines or ideals for how people should behave and that has no argument with science.

Just because you teach sciences in school doesn’t mean you can’t teach about religions. And teaching religion shouldn’t preclude the teaching of science.Can’t we all just get along? 🙂