Violent games: more damage than benefit?

I agree with you. This game is bad for your 9 year old brother. What was your dad thinking? Or not thinking? His begging for the game might be horrible but having this game won’t make him a nicer person. I’m 40 and I don’t like the way this type of game makes me feel and act let alone an impressionable child. They are not just games any more they can be just as realistic and more affecting than films/movies and TV.

A few days ago when my 9 year old brother found out that the newest version of GTA was release he begged my dad and did everything he could to get dad to buy it for him. Naturally, my dad agreed. That afternoon, having nothing else to do, I turned to watching him play GTA IV on his beloved ps3. Being an occasional video game player, I did have a gist of what GTA was about; shooting, stealing, violence etc, but I wasn’t prepared for what was happening in the game when I watched him play.Image

At first I thought it would be like CoD, where you had an army and you kill people that are assigned to you as enemies, on GTA though, killing of harmless pedestrians and stealing their car was considered applaudable. I watched as my brother furiously tapped the buttons on the remote yelling and screaming…

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