Why I’m Not Getting Grand Theft Auto

It’s no surprise that a new Grand Theft Auto game, a series about stealing cars, contains lots of misogyny and violence to women. So to anyone that knows me it should be no surprise that I don’t want to play that game. Unlike what seems like most of the male population that own a game console, who seem to be gagging for it.

The GTA brand has branched out from its beginning stealing and driving various vehicles into many types of crime and general low-life behaviour. GTA IV was famous as a prostitute murder simulator. You could pay a woman for sex in the game and then murder her for her money and there was little penalty or disapproval in the game for doing so. I did buy GTA IV and play it but I stopped at the point where I found the things you, as Nico Bellic, are required to do just became loathsome. I don’t want to play that guy, that Nico Bellend. What horrible and unsympathetic characters he and his so called friends are.

You could say that you don’t have to murder prostitutes in the game and I certainly didn’t. But. You do have to do murder and doubtless other horrible things to progress the story and for that reason I’m out. GTA IV was not for me.


“You can rescue one whose car has broken down, spy on another having sex with her boyfriend while she checks her phone, and, of course, visit the obligatory strip club and “make it rain” bank notes. There aren’t any female characters to root for, be impressed by, or even fall in love with. It was the same in the last game: women were there to nag you, or be bribed – whether with fancy dinners or cold, hard cash – into having sex with you. Women are GTA’s wallpaper.” (theguardian.com)

So, I’m disappointed, if not surprised, that GTA V has ramped up this serious unpleasantness in the game. I expected this to be a ‘bad’ game that gets bought by the million. Now there is a big fuss online about a games reviewer mentioning the misogyny in the game and there being a petition to get her sacked. Yes, young misogynists wanted a real person to lose her livelihood for stating an opinion in a game review. Really. Pretty revolting behaviour. I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that devotees of this woman-hating game series might not like it pointed out in public. The game does feature misogyny and I’m glad it’s been pointed out as I don’t want to play that type of video game.

“This is why the world thinks video games are all made for silly little boys.” (mcvuk.com)

Yep. Not filled with strong female characters. Not at all. You can’t play as a female character either. I can’t blame Rockstar the games developer. They just make the game that will make the most money. They made GTAIV what it is because that’s the game most young men and boys with a game console want to play. If young men wanted a GTA game where you catch and convict criminals and treat all people with respect then they would be selling millions of that game right now.

This video features relatively mild violence where the character beats up fire-fighters and steals a fire engine/truck. Why would you want to do that in a game? There are video games where you can be the fire-fighter and rescue people. Those games fail to sell in the millions.

I don’t want to play this game and I’m a 40 year old man. Don’t let your sons play this game. Don’t let it influence their young impressionable minds. They might get to see it at or play it their friends houses anyway but letting them play it in your house is saying louder than words to them that you approve of its content. The game is rated 18 for good reason. Don’t buy it for someone younger than that.

“This is the highest rating a film or game can receive, and means that no one under the age of 18 should view or purchase the game/film. The entire Grand Theft Auto series is rated 18 in the UK.”

In my opinion, all adults should review and video games or films/movies before they allow children under 18 access. If you don’t have time to check it yourself you can be guided by the BBFC ratings on all content. The ratings are there for a reason. If you wouldn’t want to watch or play something because of the unpleasant content why would you let your child see it? So have a look first. This video contains violence.

So now I’ve sent much too much time thinking and writing about this game. Far too much. At least I’m not playing it.

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